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The term Apparent life threatening event (ALTE) describes a sudden, brief episode with serious findings in an infant under age 1 year.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms for ALTE include:
- Apnea
- Cyanosis
- Limp
- Choking


Normal physical examination and medical history questioning are part of the protocol in case of ALTE. Depending on your child symptoms and appearance, your healthcare provider may choose to conduct further tests, such as:
- Complete Blood Count (CBC)
- Chemistry panel (Chem8)
- Serum electrolytes
- Serum Glucose (consider bedside Glucose)
- Urinalysis
- Chest X-Ray
- Blood Culture
- Lumbar Puncture


Treatment of ALTE include:
- In infants at the age under 2 months or with child abuse risk factors - Hospital observation and monitoring
- Treatment for the specific cause if identified

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