What is it?

Apocrine miliaria (also known asFox-Fordyce disease) is is an uncommon, pruritic skin condition that is presumed to occur when apocrine sweat ducts become occluded and inflamed.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Fox-Fordyce disease

Signs & symptoms

Signs of apocrine miliaria include:
- Itchy bumps around the hair follicles of the underarm area, pubic region, and around the nipples
- Dome-shaped flesh-coloured papules
- Dark, thickened, dry skin - consequenced of scratching


Apocrine miliaria is usually diagnosed based on the history and clinical appearance of the rash.
Your healthcare provider may choose to perform a skin biopsy may to demonstrate the characteristic histology findings if the lesion.


Treatments for apocrine miliaria include:
- Topical retinoids
- Topical steroids
- Topical and oral antibiotics.

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