What is it?

Androphobia is defined as a fear of men. The term consists of two words; "andro" which means men, and "phobia" which means fear.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms include:
- An intense fear when you see or think about men
- An awareness that your fear of men is irrational but you cannot overcome it
- An anxiety that worsens as a man gets physically closer to you
- Active avoidance of men


Treatments for androphobia include:
- Exposure therapy - psychological therapy in which your'e gradually exposed to your fears. In androphobia, the therapist starts by merely talking about men, then showing pictures of listening to sounds of men, up to a meeting in real life.
- Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) - teaches you how to view and deal with your fears.
- Medications - anti-anxiety medications or even beta blockers may used to treat the symptoms.

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