What is it?

Amyloidosis is a buildup of abnormal protein, called Amyloid, in your body. When the amyloid protein builds up in certain organ, it can damage its shape and function.
This condition is rare but can be life-threatening.
There are different types of Amyloidosis, depending on the type of amyloid protein accumulated, and its location. For example
- AL amyloidosis – is the most common type. The cause is unknown, but it is linked to a cancer called Multiple Myeloma.
- AA amyloidosis- usually appears with other chronic infectious or inflammatory disease such as Crohn’s disease or Rheumatic arthritis. It most commonly affects the kidneys.
- Other: Dialysis related, familiar, age related and more

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Signs & symptoms

The symptoms vary depending on the organs involved and the type of amyloidosis.
You might experience weakness, swelling of your feet, ankles and belly, joint pain and shortness of breath
Other symptoms might include swelling of the tongue, tingling and numbness in your legs and feet and easy bruising.


Physical exam and thorough questioning regarding your medical history are needed.
Blood and urine tests- to detect the abnormal protein, and to find out if any of your organs have been damaged as a result of the disease
Biopsy- your doctor will take a small sample from your tissue in order to confirm the diagnosis, and to decide which type of amyloidosis you have
Furthers test might be needed after a diagnosis is made


There is no cure for amyloidosis. There are different treatments for each type of amyloidosis, and the specific treatment will be decided by your doctor after the diagnosis is made.
The treatment may include: chemotherapy, better controlling the underlying condition, and treatment that will give you symptomatic relief.

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