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Emotional or psychological abuse refers to being frightened, controlled or abused by a romantic partner, parent, caretaker, adult child or a business partner. It does not include physical abuse, but there could be threats to act violently. It may start gradually, but may become more frequent.
Emotional abuse may cause the person to feel undermined and lower their self-esteem. Some abusive tactics include screaming, name-calling, patronizing, embarrassing them in public, dismissing things one says or cares about, making fun of one or insulting their appearance. The abuser usually wants to gain power and control over whom he abuses and they might do it by making threats, monitoring their whereabouts, gaslighting, controlling your finances, spying, making decisions for you, manipulating your emotions and more. There are many more examples on how a person may experience psychological abuse. It is sometimes hard to pay attention and recognize all these behaviors, especially in people you love. It is important to seek help and exit the relationships or circumstances that bond you with your abuser. It is really important to keep in mind that it is not your fault, build a supportive network if possible, and prioritize your needs.

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