What is it?

Auditory processing disorder (APD) is a condition in which the person is having trouble understanding sounds, including words. It usually begins in childhood, but could also develop later in life. People with APD typically do not have any problem hearing. Causes for the disorder are not always clear but it may be a result of ear infections, head injury, birth complications and genetic mutations. It is common to diagnose APD in people with attention, language and learning disorders.

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Additional names

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms may include difficulty understanding people in noisy places, fast talkers, with strong accents, spoken instructions and confusion between similar sounding words.


Diagnosis of APD may include tests such as listening to speech with background noise, spor small changes in sould, fill in missing parts of words, speech and language tests, hearing and other cognitive tasks.


There is no cure for APD, but treatment usually includes auditory training, which consists of activities that are done in order to improve listening and concentration.

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