What is it?

Accessory kidneys occur when one or two additional kidneys are present in the urogenital system at birth.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Supernumerary kidney

Signs & symptoms

Patients may be asymptomatic. If present, symptoms may encompass fever, pain and an abdominal mass. In most cases, these symptoms are caused by renal pathologies such as hydronephrosis, pyelonephritis, malignant tumors or calculi.


Most of the supernumerary kidneys are on the left and usually caudal to the native kidney. Mostly the accessory kidney is smaller in size with reduced excretion. Imaging studies such as ultrasound, IVU, CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine studies like DMSA and DTPA may be used to evaluate the patient. In addition to morphological characterization, ultrasound may also aid in functional assessment.


Management is symptom-based. If the patient is symptomatic, regular ultrasound follow-ups and USG with excretory function assessment should be recommended.

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