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gonna have to get surgery soon, im honestly not that worried. the whole appointment/testing to get to this point was the most productive, easy process ever. either way, not looking forward to the healing process... :|

    • Zera


      My mom had to get surgery a year ago for the hip socket cartilage thinning out and the bone grinding together sometimes. Add in bone shards needing to be taken out, and she was a nervous wreck! The things that helped her were seeing the good reviews and positive outlooks from others who went through it, as well as journalling and talking to family about it. I was very happy that she was confiding her worry in me, and no, if you think your worry is a complete burden on others if you tell them, that isn't the case. Anyone who cares about you (even strangers) to any degree will understand and listen to your thoughts. I personally love listening and giving feedback like this because of how it both helps the person, and helps me prepare for going into any situation like their own. By the way, she was back up and moving significantly by 6 months for that larger surgery. Something tells me you be up even quicker. There will definitely be scary looking bruises during your healing, but that's all they are. Scary looking. They won't actually harm you, and you'll be okay. A great resource would be a therapist to just talk to if the anxiety gets really bad. If not? Just keep checking the facts of it all. Facts fight fear. Much good luck to you on your anxiety fight and a very successful surgery and recovery!

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It's understandable to feel apprehensive about the healing process after surgery. Remember that many people have successfully gone through similar experiences and have had smooth recoveries. Focus on following your doctor's advice and taking care of yourself during the recovery period.

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