let me preface this with saying; i live on a rural island with ~3k people. this therapist is the only qualified mental health professional working at my local clinic.

my therapist said something to me last session that’s been really getting to me. i went to the er because i was having one of the worst anxiety attacks i’ve had yet, i also have severe hypochondriasis so at the time i thought i was dying. our last session he got angry with me. he said the er is for “emergencies only” and that i was wasting the staffs time and that i could’ve deescalated things myself. i knew that night that i couldn’t, and i was scared of myself. because with my hypochondria, i NEED a doctor to tell me i’m not dying or that nothing is wrong with me. he’s always told me that, if i feel like i need to, to use the emergency room. and i did as told. but he got mad at me for doing so. he even said that he doesn’t care if i don’t want to see him anymore. i’ve been getting the feeling that he’s been getting tired of how long it’s taking me to get better, and that session really proved to me that he is.


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  • SundaySmall


    Hey Keisha! We’re the same age and it sounds like we struggle with similar things. Have you tried/are you open to trying medication that can help you deescalate things along with coping skills I’m sure you already know? I still get panic attacks very regularly but having Ativan has really helped me talk myself down and know that I’ll have control over my thoughts and feelings again shortly.

    • sleeepyyhead


      I agree medication has saved my life by changing it so drastically. I take hydroxyzine for panic attacks!

  • SundaySmall


    Ps. I’m so sorry that your therapist is so invalidating. While, yes, we want to make sure we’re only going to the ER if we believe there’s an emergency, it sounds like you believed there was and were utterly miserable. A better therapist would have concluded that this means they need to get you more help to keep you from feeling that helpless. I’m sorry your resources are so limited where you live.

  • mavenfox


    I live on an island with less than 10k. I had a similar experience at the hospital because new medication was cause restlessness all over my body causing me to have a panic attack. If you have insurance or another resource through telehealth might work.

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