hi there, recently I've been harming myself again, I do not want help from a doctor or therapist rn, but everything in my life online and irl is crashing down on me and I feel like this is the only control I have over myself, it gives me a sence of pleasure, I really want to stop before it gets out of hand tho, I'm planning to give the tool I use to my bf, if there anything else I can do to help me stop?

Acute self-inflicted injury

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  • milez


    I recommend ice packs! or anything really cold. hold it when your urges get bad and remember that SH urges only usually last up to 30 minutes. every time you don't self harm, you're rewiring your brain and .alinf it easier bit by bit!! you got this!

    • jasZzper


      thank you sm<3

    • Peanut5


      I did not know they only last about 30 min that comforts me.

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