it's been a rather rough month. my son is having mental health issues. my nephews suicide day was a few weeks ago. and I can't help but find myself becoming more depressed. I know to stay strong. I'm trying but right now I feel I'm on the edge of cliff with my demons pulling me down.


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  • Catsavior


    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. A friend of mine committed suicide 10 years ago. I'm here if you ever need to talk

  • Kellykristine52323


    Depression/ anxiety are unfortunately very common! I hope you would consider medication to help all hormones level you out. If your already on a rx ask your doctor for a temporary increase and life has thrown a lot of stress at you lately. The doctors almost always honor that request, because you reaching out and being proactive. It helps you feel better, process everything better during a hard time in life, and it helps you even be better support to your loved ones. Being stressed and depressed is very hard on ur immune system. Look at it as your body is like a car. If a car runs out of gas -- u fill it. If you brain chemicals/ hormones are off you give it the needed fuel to car on. You deserve to be happy.. actually HAPPY. I wish you the best. Hugs

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