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How do you guys deal with the whole issue of not wanting to take your medication? I've been without for a good while, longer than I should be (which should have been never). But it's a regular thing with me to stop taking them and then starting again. I stop going to my appointments and everything.

    • Angelbaby3


      Hey! I hope my words can be enough and that you dont have to experience this yourself, and I really really hope you can trust me that taking your meds even when you feel good is so much better than the alternative. I’ve had to be hospitalized so many times and it’s such an awful, disgusting, degrading experience that I finally reached a point last time that I realized anything is better than having to go back to the psych ward. I hate being in the hospital so much. I also will say I really worked with my doctor and spoke up on my own behalf to make sure I finally found the right combination of medicine. If you don’t like taking your meds maybe it’s a sign you need a new one because NOW I am so happy and thriving on my meds I cant even imagine not taking them. If I miss just a few days I feel awful which is a very good sign what I am finally on worked for me. Look into options, ask if you can qualify for the DNA testing (a blood test that tells you which meds are the best fit for you). Do you research and speak up for yourself. You’ll get there but medication management is a huge component to being successful with this illness.

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