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I guess I need some input on this... it's been nearly six years since my traumatic incident and I just started talking to someone in hopes to pursue a relationship. Him and I have admitted that we both have skeletons in our closets that we will need to talk about when we hit that point in the relationship going further. I am a little anxious about sharing because when I have been upfront about said information, it's been 1) used against me, 2) me being mentally labeled as victim, 3) one guy pretty much said it was my fault on what happened to me, and 4) being seen as someone that's broken and needs to be fixed. I guess I would like some tips or input on how to approach this so that he's well aware that I have had stuff happen to me, but I have moved past it. I also still want to consider his feelings on the matter because I don't know what he'll be sharing with me... any thoughts on this?

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"Go at your own pace when sharing your past experiences. If the person you're opening up to doesn't respect that, then they are not worth your time. It's important to communicate that you've had traumatic experiences but have moved past them. You can start the conversation with a simple statement like 'There's something that has been bothering me lately' or 'I have some things in my past that I think you should know about'. Make sure to also consider their feelings and be ready to listen to their experiences as well."

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