I'm new my dead name is Mya but I now go by Camryn-Harlow or for short Ryn or Arlo. I'm 18 years old and my dad passed away two weeks ago on Tuesday and my mom is worried about my mental health as well as others so I got on here to try something new. if you wanna ask questions go ahead.

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  • hiwaterlemon


    My dad died when I was 17 . How do you feel like your handling his loss. I am pretty sure your mom has valid concerns, she seems supportive too.

    • RynArlo


      I'm not really handling his death. I kinda just shut down emotionally my mom is genuinely concerned as she should be because of previous experiences she wants to make sure I'm not going to try to end it again. It's just hard to comprehend that he is gone and I keep hoping he'll walk in the house and be himself again

  • SpookyKitten


    I understand my dad passed away 2 months ago suddenly. It's very hard and exhausting on my mental health. My therapist told my to write a letter to my dad in a journal when you feel the like talking to him. I still say goodnight to him every night even though he can't answer. I have some of my dad's shirts and a sleep with them so that apart of me knows it's ok. Sending you my deepest sympathy and just know to take it one moment at a time one day at a time.

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