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Long disorganized rant ahead: I just got back from a 4 day Disney/Orlando trip with my choir for competition and I am in so much pain from walking. All throughout Disney, despite having my cane I would want to sit every second but no one in my group cared (or at least failed) to notice when my limping got worse or if I was falling behind. When I finally got a wheelchair in Universal Studios (despite my internalized ableism telling me that I didn’t need it) I felt a loss of independence because I was relying on help and I wasn’t able to push myself because it would take “too long.” (Though I probably should have just stuck with it). I felt like a burden to everyone and eventually ditched the wheelchair after the ride because of that. Theme parks are shit with their disability access and only allow those with strollers or wheelchairs to get special seating, line jumps (I know I sound annoying but I cannot stand in line for 30 minutes). When a person from my group asked for a wheelchair, they were asked by one of the chaperones if “I could handle being without it for only 4 hours, it wasn’t that long.” I’m fucking furious that they even thought that. I was so angry and envious at everyone else in wheelchairs because they were either old or already had their own and they accepted it! They weren’t a burden to anyone. I’m 16 which granted me a bunch of stares (not like I don’t get stares because of my face) but it just felt horrible because I was jealous of people I knew I shouldn’t be jealous of. TLDR: Theme parks “accessibility” sucks ass and only care if you look disabled, which means wheelchairs and nothing else (sarcasm of course, i love all my wheelchair users here)

    • draco


      i know that feeling, being a burden to your abled bodied friends (and family). i remember it took me 10-15 minutes to stand and i was crying in class, several people gently trying to help, and also giving emotional help. when i finally get down and out of the building to my mother, limping with tear stains down my face, she acts like and makes me feel like im a burden for my disability. she kinda scolded me and not even just im not mad just disappointed vibe, but, im a bit mad and disappointed. it made me feel awful, and she started ranting about stuff that logically made no sense, saying she needs to take me up to my therapy place and then also saying that her bus is coming in like a minute like she can be in two places at once and all of it is my fault. when i told my supportive friends, even if thwy are able bodied, i just feel so much more comfortable around them, the people who Dont mind using all their weight to help me get up off the ground, laugh with me when i make jokes about my physical disability instead of being awkward about it, or making inappropriate jokes. there is such a big difference that people can make with their disabled friends by very very simple actions that can make you feel more normal than not.

    • Student_girl


      I didn’t go on my choirs trip to Florida this year because I knew the accessibility for me, who uses me platform crutches to walk and hurts all the time, would suck and I would just want to lay down the whole timw

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