So, I'm planning my wedding, and ofc the foreseeable issue is arising. with ARFID, I don't even know if it's possible to have a well put together menu for my wedding. There's very few things I can eat. Pizza, mozzerella sticks, specific chicken nuggets, French fries. I'm just fine with fruits and cakes and stuff, but I want to be able to eat some kind of meal at my own wedding. Any ideas?

Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

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  • AnimalBoy


    I vote we include mozzarella sticks and a number of dipping sauces for meeee

  • kieanne


    i would say make a meal of everything you like! when i go out i only eat french fries so i understand the difficulty of wanting a full meal. but if i ever want a full meal then i make my french fries with a specific cheese and i add the two fruits i eat as well for maybe after. and if you’re having lots of guest then you can always have meals planned for them and then have options for your favorite foods too. i hate being the only one eating something different so maybe having chicken tenders, fries, and pizza for people to pick from. and don’t forget dessert! unless you’d feel comfortable spreading out and trying something new for your wedding. whatever you’re comfortable with! i hope you have a fantastic wedding tho! 💕

  • Pry


    If this is something you're not open about, you don't necessarily need to eat what's on the menu! (though I'm sure you could casually slip in mozzarella sticks) Maybe you could have your own personal favorite things on hand that you can snack on or have a home prepared plate delivered to you casually by someone your comfortable asking? Just spitballing some ideas. 🤷 You just need to be sure to take care of yourself on your day so you feel good too!!

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