does anyone else get so energetic that it makes them tired all the time? Like I will be moving a lot and be tired from it and that holds my focus it bothers me a lot

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Syd.The.Space.Sloth


    yeah, i can definitely relate to this. it's like a firework--so much energy and then nothing

  • sammiesam


    That only happens to be when I don't take my seizure medication, my seizure medication keeps my energy wrapped up tight until I stop taking in then I'm like a 5 year old who just now getting tired for playing all day but can't sleep lol

  • Katty


    Yeah. Everyone in high school was always like “you have so much energy” and I was like “besties that’s the ADHD. I’m actually exhausted. None of that energy is usable”

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