I kinda think I'm getting tired of smoking weed, but I WANT a habit. I WANT something that I can pick up to relieve myself, or be a "treat" I give myself after a long week. It's my choice. But I'm getting tired of weed, I just don't know what else I can do. Alcohol is completely out of the question; I've drank all I want to drink in life, and I'm not getting on drugs: that's not even an option. I just don't know what else. Food won't do because I eat that anyway. Travel is obsolete. I feel like I'm just kinda stuck smoking weed because I WANT a fckn habit. IDC what anyone thinks about it, call me weak, I'll be a wet noodle, Idc. But this life is fckd up and I want to give myself a damn treat cuz I get up and live this bullshit everyday. AND I'm positive when I'm not feeling negative so yeah, I deserve to be able to treat myself.... I think I'm going to invent my own drug. Weed is changing too much. and it's getting kinda boring. I wish there was more of.... SOMETHING...out there.....😞.

Cannabis dependence

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