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I ran out of weed and nic and I’m planning on going to buy some tmrrw, but I know I shouldn’t and I really want to stop. But I’m also going through a lot rn that I feel trying to quit will make everything around me even harder to fix. I just don’t know what to do right now I can’t fall asleep.

    • ferngully


      i know how you feel. i’m dependent on nicotine & weed, i know i should stop but it’s like I have no desire to stop because i’m addicted.

    • Kikkers


      So, hi 👋 I get how you feel that. I'm sober for all of 15hrs now. My vice is booze. This will be my third attempt at quitting. For your sleeping problem, that one takes about a week for your body to readjust. My friend for that is sleepy time tea. I try to make a regular schedule for winding down before bed. As for the part about it being hard, it is. It sucks. I started my journey because when I looked at the hard things in life, I realized that I did that. Nobody did it to me, but me. So that's where I'm starting. I don't trust myself alone so I am currently visiting my parents house to dry out and stay motivated. I'm 32 and I'm embarrassed about that too. But the feelings don't go away if you ignore them. That step is your call and yours alone to make. I hope this helped a little. Good luck on your journey.

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