I'm getting off of desvenlafaxine by going down 50mg a week. I'm so dizzy and have a bad headache. not to mention my original pain is coming back. thank God I'm not in a flare right now. all the doctor did was up my tramadol to 4 times a day instead of 3. any suggestions to get me through this? the headache and dizziness makes it hard for me to even turn my head





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  • Witchywoman123


    Oh honey, you need to call your Dr and let them know that this is happening!! I hate being on DESVENLAFAXINE, if I miss a dose I'm a dang mess to deal with. I couldn't imagine lowering the dose.

    • NotCrazy


      I'll send her a message right now. Thank you For some reason I think the only option is to suffer through.

      • Witchywoman123


        I hope everything works out hon!! Please let me know!

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