my hips have been hurting me so bad lately and I still don't know why they're hurting or how to make them stop hurting... and my fiance wants to have sex ALL THE TIME.... and he doesn't seem to understand just how much pain I'm really in.... It almost seems like he doesn't care tbh.... as long as he busts his nut....


Hip pain

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  • Destinyjoy


    Oh I feel u on this. He got upset cuz I moved his head off my butt because the pressure was hurting me bad and its like do u even care? I kno he does i just think he feels im overreacting but I have bad back issues. Herniated and deteriorating disks in my spine

  • 2high2try


    Sounds like lame boyfriend, if he isn’t thoughtful of your pain there’s no reason you should be thoughtful of his nut. Look into a referral to physical therapy from your primary care physician, sometimes they can give you tips or exercises that help.

  • Hannah_6


    Dang! My hubby and I get the same spots. Like yesterday, my hip area was flaring bad to where just tylonal and sleep could fix it. He normally doesn't take it too personally when I turn him down because I do make up for it. The after math of having a kid made me tear a little. This was 5 years ago ,but my back and areas still flare up. Welcome to talk to me more about it.

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