so this question has to deal with my husband of 2 years.
he has ADHD with asburgers , and is on medication for this. my question is that for his whole life he's had sleeping problems getting to sleep and staying asleep. he won't try other ideas except melitonin at a high dose of 20g.
How concerned should I be about the melitonin dosing?
And is this a huge problem of others?

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  • Rogue_Heart


    I don’t think you should be concerned, just be there for him when he needs it and continue being a loving and helpful wife. Because Ik this isn’t the same with every guy and it may or may not be true with your husband idk but from my experience I’ve learned that guys don’t want to worry people too much, they want people to think they’re strong, and if you make a big deal about it it might just annoy them. I think you just need to show him that you’re always going to be there for him no matter what. 😊

  • Yggdrasil9726


    Melatonin at that dose is excessive. Try and convince him to try CBD oil if you can. It works better and with less, generally speaking.

  • Plums


    This is from "At high doses melatonin can be considered a hypnotic and won’t be more effective when you go over the recommended dose (< 3 mg). In 2005, MIT conducted a study which found that high doses of melatonin are effective for just a few days. But after that, the impact stops."

  • Brassica


    Taking melatonin regularly, especially at a high dose, can really impact sleep because it inhibits your bodies ability to produce melatonin on its own. It can also make you really groggy in the morning and make it difficult to get up because it messes with your bodies sleep cycle. I personally struggle a lot with falling asleep, less with staying asleep, and I find the best thing for me is to rotate my sleep methods so my body doesn’t become overly reliant on something. CBD (especially when there’s CBG and CBN) is really nice. Passionflower is lovely, definitely helps you sleep (and makes dreams more vivid without inducing nightmares, I’m my personal experience I’ve never had a bad dream with passionflower). You can drink it as tea or do a tincture. Mugwort is a huge personal favorite because it’s an anti-anxietant without being intoxicating (but doesn’t have any sedative action). It’s just really calming. I use melatonin, too, but I’ve never used large amounts of it for long periods of time. I try to only use it occasionally when I really need it, or to reset my sleep schedule- then I’ll go to bed at a scheduled time and use it for 3-5 days in a row to get my body used to that time without messing with its ability to DIY the melatonin production

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