When does the pain from surgery end? I'm almost a month post op and the pain is STILL intolerable sometimes. I'm still using the oxycodone granted only at night to get to sleep. The pain gets worse at night and I can't sleep.


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  • Sloupysue


    I had foot surgery six months ago. Still have difficulty walking without pain and limp. Mine is a failed fusion so, re-do is in my future followed by six months healing. When I asked the doc if it would be more painful for me as I have fibro? He jumped up and waved his hands and admitted “YES”, “ of course!” So be kind to yourself while you heal. Some of us just take a little longer than expected.

    • Hong


      I'm sorry you're going through something similar and you're so strong living with fibro. I'm trying my best to be kind to myself but admittedly I am way too hard on myself too often. I'll try and get better at that and just take a step back and relax. Enjoy my time off and such.

  • Rach13579


    I am exactly 2 months out from total hip replacement and just in the past week have felt good

    • Hong


      that's good to know! I asked and the healing is pretty different and a bit longer. But they said by 12 weeks I should be a bit better compared to now

  • Batwife


    I am 2 weeks out. I am struggling with nerve pain. It is so bad. I just sit in my chair all day in the dark and don't move. Its awful

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