Having such a tough day. Have been for a bit. I went off of my birth control in December to work towards trying to conceive with my husband. For the first few months, just spotting, or light periods. The last two weeks, I have been bleeding heavily. Going through a super plus tampon AND pad every 2-4 hours. Cramping. Large clots. I have an appointment with my OBGYN, who is amazing, but not looking forward to "switching it up" again, or taking progesterone to stop the bleeding, just for it to happen again a few days later. Have added iron into my supplements to help combat that, but I'm just tired, grumpy, don't feel clean enough, and don't feel like a woman or that my body is doing "woman" things. Also anxious/stressed that my ability to have children is severely minimized.

Just wanted to vent. Any tips to get through these hard days that seem to last forever?

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  • Perry_P


    I’m sorry. That’s exhausting and can feel really stripping to deal with these super vulnerable struggles. When I feel like PCOS is wearing on me, I remind myself that I’m not powerless like I feel. I have options, and I will not feel like this forever. There are doctors and loved ones who want to help you and so many people are able to overcome these challenges every day. It always feels the worst when you’re in the thick of it, but one day you can look back and be proud of how you dug deep to weather this hardship. I wish I had better words of support for you, but it always helps me to remember that it’s not as permanent and hopeless as it feels. You are powerful. 💛

  • eseez


    i am sorry i can imagine how stressful and frustrating this must be. just know that you are strong please never give up.

  • salmon


    i’m sorry, i know it really sucks. as far as the not feeling clean part, i can’t recommend menstrual cups enough. i’ve never leaked through one so i don’t have to feel that gross feeling you have when it gets bloody down there. it also helps for me to shave down there so there isn’t any gross residue getting stuck in it. i know it can get exhausting, i hope this helps. sending virtual hugs ❤️

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