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I'm brand new on here, found this app last night and thank god lol. I've been curled up in a ball since yesterday from pain and just wanna vent/talk to people who get it 😓 PCOS really just messes me all up. I've went most of my life rarely getting periods until I was diagnosed. I was on BC for a while and now it's been a couple years. Well the last 6 months or so my periods have finally been regulating out!!!! on their own!!! which is bittersweet... (I think my stress levels were a huge factor, life's been rough).. the last few periods of mine have been light and not too bad, I thought maybe I'm just lucky now (moreso HOPING) and the awful periods I used to have were in the past. I was wrong. this one? I'm clotting and bleeding so bad again, cramping, nauseous, have no energy, my head kills. it's debilitating. I knew that if I had a period this month it would be bad because the last week before I started, my moods have been almost as debilitating trying to deal with. ya girl would be minding her own business, and start bawling or get unnecessarily just angry and frustrated with everything/everyone. they'd switch so quickly and intensely. it's like either I get no periods or they end up being brutal. sometimes I really wish I could just get all the parts ripped out, especially not ever wanting kids 🙃 (plus there's genetic reasons why I don't feel right having kids even if I wanted them). sorry just being a crybaby but man I'm so sick of my body not being able to function right. SIDE NOTE: when I was diagnosed, it was originally from a cyst bigger than my ovary bursting and it landed me in the ER. once I saw my PCP I had blood tests done, all my levels were normal besides my anti-mullerian hormone being sky high, which I've never heard of until then and I'm curious if anyone else has the same issue? thanks for reading I'm just struggling today 😞

    • malachai


      I get you. I recently had a cyst rupture and was clotting and bleeding for a week straight. I lost so much blood from it that I nearly fainted a few times, my legs were weak, and I was sleeping all the time just to get through it. The pain was intense, probably the most rapid onset I've ever experienced in my life, but I have no money to go to the ER, so I had to sit and endure it You're definitely not being a crybaby. PCOS is debilitating. It's an awful condition that can touch every aspect of life. I'm just getting over another round of bleeding, and I was clotting so badly that I was half convinced I was becoming anemic. I hope you feel better soon

    • LexaPeach91


      You're not a crybaby, you're a human experiencing something painful! I got diagnosed with PCOS over ten years ago, I had a surgery, was put on bc, and told to make lifestyle changes. Nothing has helped me. The surgery did at first. But then it didn't. Same with the BC. I had one rupture and landed in the ER as well, they couldn't figure it out and labeled it as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, and gave me all kinds of tests and proactive shots and stuff. Turns out it was a ruptured ovarian cyst and they couldn't do anything about it.

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It's understandable that you're struggling with the pain and symptoms of PCOS. Many people with PCOS experience irregular periods, heavy bleeding, cramping, and mood swings. It's important to talk to your doctor about your symptoms and explore different treatment options to help manage them. As for the anti-mullerian hormone, it can be elevated in women with PCOS, so it's not uncommon for someone with this condition to have higher levels.


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