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This whole year I’ve been telling my boyfriend I feel like there’s something wrong with my body because I haven’t gotten pregnant and we’re not safe at all. My periods were getting more and more irregular, but I attributed it to stress and worrying about it too much, and decided to shrug it off. July 20th I started my period and it hasn’t stopped since and it’s just gotten heavier and heavier. I finally decided to go to the ER and they found an ovarian cyst and sent me to the OBGYN and she prescribed me Progesterone to stop the bleeding so I don’t have another bout of low iron ( I was iron deficient anemic when I was younger because of heavy periods but it balanced itself out as I got older. ) She says she’s worried about PCOS and sent me to get like 10 different labs done and wants me to come back in 2 weeks to go over them, and have an ultrasound in 8 weeks to see if there’s any changes with the cyst. Birth control is also a route we can take to level out my hormones, and I’m scared. Every woman in my family that’s tried to take birth control has gone into fits of rage so intense they couldn’t function and had to get off of it. I just can’t believe my biggest fears with my reproductive functioning might be true, and it might be really hard for me to get pregnant when I wanna be. My biggest wish ever, as long as I can remember, is to be a mom and my heart is a little broken. Does anybody have any advice, or been through similar things? I’ve been wanting to get my health in check and I’ve been putting it off and now I’m crumbling. This feels like a wake up call.

    • RandiJean


      I would suggest seed cycling. Funk it is a company that makes kits and it helps to balance your hormones. Naturally. No birth control.

    • Nat_Nat


      Hi I struggled with ovarian cysts, painful periods, and abnormal bleeding. Your care at this point depends on your care team, so never stop being an advocate for yourself. The right kind of birth control medication for your body won't make you have serious side effects like raging or health concerns. You're doctor will advise you based on the diagnostic tests. But it is going to take some time. Hormonal medicines are not quick to start or stop

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