hi yesterday well a lot everytime I feel something wrong about me I start to panic and in my mind tells me go to emergency room to see what's wrong so I did well the doctor said ask me what's wrong I told I zm having bad headache and dizziness and he say I have see a couple times already I really don't think running any more scans on you is oh pluse he asked me if I was ever sign up for a mental health check in hospital I started cry I got so scared I told the doctor I suffer from mental illness but I don't want to be committed I have a daughter who is 5 and needs mom she has a Das but iam also under alot of stress because I have health problems my daughter is a picky eater and her dad has ms I don't want to be committed because it scares me I have to talk to the doctor to change my medicine that this one is not working for me and now iam scerd to go get medical help because I am scerd their take me daughter away from me so this is what happened to me and thank God iam home with my daughter and her dad


    • Netta


      Hmmm I would say talk to your doctor. I've been committed twice. The first time I rushed myself out. The second time it was less than 24 hours. If you do get committed make sure your daughter is with someone safe. Your mental health is important remember that. If no one has told you. I'm proud of you and I love you 💙🤞🏾🫶🏾. You got this

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