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Vent: Has anyone dealt with crazy in laws? We moved in with my FIL last year so we could save up for a house and because my panic attacks became so severe I physically couldn't work anymore. I have 3 kids with my husband and we moved over 900 miles away. I was never told how abusive his father is.

He thinks women are worthless and that we should be at his beck and call 24/7. We literally spent all of our savings to move here and I feel so screwed over. He is an alcoholic and has given my husband a concussion since we moved here, has tried exposing my kids to a family member who is a predator to the point that cps became involved, and tried to have his ex wife (hubby's mom) move in while she is currently addicted to drugs without trying to stop.

Rent has skyrocketed and idk where we could even go that we could afford, and it defeats our whole purpose of moving out here to save for a house. I feel like a failure as a mom and a wife. He calls me fat and a pis* poor excuse of a parent. I feel betrayed by my husband because if he knew he was like this...why did we move into this. idk. I just need to vent. My depression and anxiety have gotten so much worse due to all of this. I just hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Panic Disorder

Chronic Headache


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Honeyluv1


    I’m so sorry about this , it’s unfair , how are you feeling today ?

    • katastrophe676


      honestly, I woke up in a better mood. The migraine is still here but I'm dealing with it. I am feeling overstimulated by everything and I have been taking a step back to be alone, hoping it passes soon ❤️

      • Honeyluv1


        this is what I woke up to a migraine headache, I’m stressing myself over health conditions and it really suck the anxiety.. let’s take it one day at a time

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