what do you do when your nightmares are overstimulating for you bc I've had nightmares sense I was 4-yrs-old and sometimes it can be overstimulating and or overwhelming for me and end up having a mix of panic attacks and meltdowns can anyone give me any advice please? 🥺☺️

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  • mnmerritt02


    Try listening to calming music or watch something funny to distract you from nightmares. Or you can read to get your mind off of things. I hope that these ideas. Also, do you take melatonin at night? While it does help you out, they also give you really vivid dreams/nightmares. If you are taking melatonin, i recommend getting off of it. It'll take a while, but it's so worth it. I hope that some of these advice help 🥺

    • Duckyqueen123


      no I don't take melatonin bc it don't really work for me. ☺️ I listen to calming music/sounds but it tends to make me even more Anxious when over stimulated then I will definitely end up with the meltdown which is strange bc I can't stand a completely quiet place. But sometimes I need a completely quiet place. I wish I could focus when reading tho I love reading Maybe I will just research I like researching more than reading. Thank you so much 💖☺️

      • mnmerritt02


        that's odd. But everybody's opinions are different. Have you tried thinking about a calming scene, like the beach?

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