dating with seizures sucks. I was getting to know someone and we were supposed to go on a date tomorrow. I let them know I have seizures, and I understand if that’s something they don’t wanna make part of their life. so many men have blocked me. like I get it, it’s not something that’s fun for someone to deal w.. but damn.. at least own you to it.


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  • Asoingberg


    I'm sorry that this is happening :/ I deal with terrible anxiety and ADD so it makes dating/relationships a lot worse for me. I know it's a different situation than yours but I know what it's like. Sometimes I tell myself that I wish I could eliminate this part of me and that I wish I was more "normal", but then I remember the right person wouldn't be someone who sees me as my mental problems and attachment issues (if that makes sense, english isn't my first language lol) and wouldn't use those things against me. one day you'll find the right person. it takes time for us to find someone right, and it can be difficult to be patient. I hope that this is helpful and I wish you the best.

    • kk062001


      honestly I don’t see it as that different! mental illness complicated relationships and it shouldn’t!

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