So I went inpatient in May for a manic episode that resulted into bad depression. Once I was released I was super excited ofc. but after about a week I was still depressed. I started a mental health day treatment and I don't feel like alot of the things they taught me help. Im now done with that program now and somehow need to mange a job again. I feel lost about it all and makes me wonder if I was released from the hospital too soon.

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  • kindpolarbear


    Thanks for sharing. I’m happy you have sought support (while it might’ve fallen short to helping). I imagine it could feel disappointing and discouraging to go through programs and arrive to the same place you were before. I think trying new programs, connecting with new people, and seeking support until we find a good match is easier said than done. I’ve had to hop around a lot, too. The key is to keep going and that’s tough sometimes, too, but I believe in you! ❤️

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