I started therapy yesterday. First time in my life. I didn't know where to start but she was good. I'm a very emotional person so I cried at almost everything we talked about. Does anyone else? I was thinking she is going to think I'm 🤪 because I cry so much.


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  • Sagan


    I feel you... I get weepy far too easily, especially if talking about how I'm feeling. It's funny how we're so much more supportive and forgiving of others than we are of ourselves... like I tell my kids all the time... it's OK to feel. Meaning, whatever you're feeling, or how you're reacting, is so very natural for you, and necessary. Please be gentle and understanding with yourself! 💕🤗 and trust me! Your therapist has seen some stuff! Crying will seem very understandable to her!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Michelle21171


    I've been in therapy off and on since I was 8, I'm 51 now. Every therapist tried to get me to cry and I couldn't. Now I know it's okay to cry and I cry when I'm sad and happy. It's a good emotional release

  • CourageousBeauty


    Crying is part of healing… when my mom died from breast cancer the same year I found out I had it… I focused on being cheerful next to her hospital bed… once she passed, I focused on beTo Breast Cancer by getting a double mastectomy… my point is I didn’t grieve and it turned in depression and a lot of drinking, gambling and hoarding😔 I’m shedding all those tear together and it can be extremely painful… cry your tears bit by bit… don’t hold them in, your hurting yourself deeply in the long run🥰

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