Do you ever feel imposter syndrome with your issues?

I do, even though they are diagnosed and being treated.

Generalized pain

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  • Aleksandra


    Yup especially when loved ones seem to brush your illness off because you’re always hiding it so they don’t think it’s bad

  • KristiMaeH


    Yes! Definitely! My family is good at changing the subject when I try to talk about it. Definitely some denial going on as to how bad it actually is, especially since my illness is invisible.

  • HeyReese


    My partner essentially called me a hypochondriac after getting diagnosed with POTS & hypermobility. It was a quick comment, but it did effect me significantly— even after our convo about why that wasn’t an okay comment & how invalidating it felt. For me it confirmed my fears to some level

  • Sleepysleeps


    My abusive ex would “believe” me until it was inconvenient for him. I was accused of only showing how much pain I was in to get “attention” or to “avoid” helping him with chores. For a while he made me feel like I WAS faking it.

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