I'm really struggling with feeling like an inadequate older sibling. I'm too mentally ill right now to even function well enough to take care of myself. And I'm trying to work and support my partner and I at the same time.
So I'm missing all of the important things my brother is doing for his senior year of highschool. I don't want him to resent me now/later for not showing, but I can't get anyone to cover my shifts, and I already call off touch for my health problems.

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  • YanyLaurel


    I'm sorry you feel like a bad sibling but you are not! You clearly really care. I really hope you might be able to tell your brother how you feel and that you feel bad and that you wish you could be there for him more. Also even just talking with him every now and then would probably mean a lot to him

  • kat32


    Sending hugs and love your way 💗 You are doing the best that you can ❤ I had to help raise my younger cousins for a period of time, and felt bad for my limitations. But I think that they just appreciated that we were a safe place for them to be, and people that loved them. Love to you ❤

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