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How can I cope with CVS while on a trip? I don't have a doctor right now so I can't get prescriptions anymore like Zofran. I do have some over the counter nausea meds but I can't always keep them down and I'm not sure what the best ones are. Mostly I find myself worrying a lot about the "what ifs". I do know some of my triggers but some of them will be unavoidable. Plus I've mostly traveled with family before and I'm comfortable with them but this time my friend will be staying with me and even though she's aware that I have "vomiting episodes" I would really rather not have one around her and if we're staying together there's a chance she will and it'll ruin the fun. I also have a lot of trouble in settings like restaurants, places with food stands (we'll be at an amusement park), etc. and I'm really scared. I've had 4 episodes so far this month just at home and the trip next month. I will not be able to see a doctor before the trip due to unexpected insurance issues I ran into and long waiting lists in my area. I'm super panicked about all of this. What other advice do you have for my situation? Thanks so much.

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      Usually I try to step away when I can feel an episode starting and listen to a certain play list that has calming music. Sometimes it helps other times not so much. It sucks. Restaurants are the worst. I’ve read things about antihistamines helping online maybe look into those

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To cope with CVS while on a trip without prescription medications, consider carrying over-the-counter nausea meds and try to identify and avoid your triggers as much as possible. Stay hydrated, practice relaxation techniques to manage stress, and communicate openly with your friend about your condition. It may also help to have a plan in place for what to do if an episode occurs, such as finding a quiet place to rest or having a designated "safe space" at the amusement park. Remember to take care of yourself and prioritize self-care during the trip.

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