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How often would you say that you take your medications as prescribed?



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  • GiGi1965


    Sometimes I just firget until it's to late

  • Littlebit


    Every day first in the morning then at night same time

  • born69inpain


    I always take all my meds e aptly how I'm told to. I don't play around. I need my meds to get out of bed to go to work

  • Shrek


    8 am then 8pm everyday i have alarms set to take meds

  • elvisgirl77


    Everyday, but then I do something stupid like forget to put in my 2 anxiety meds that I keep on my dresser because I have to take them in the middle of the day too. I figured this out, 2 days into wondering why I couldn't sleep at 4am. 😜 gonna be a long day with the 3 year old.

  • AlikeMe


    It would seem like the experts are wrong lol

  • elvisgirl77



  • Jennifer121212


    I'm not very good at it, even with an App or alarm on my phone. I need support, but, that isn't an option, oh well

  • frankadella


    I usually take my nighttime meds like clockwork, because I need them to sleep. Sometimes I forget my morning meds and will take them late… but I’ve been pretty good about being on top of it!

  • Pookymemaw2008


    I take meeds of 1 kind or another 5 times per day.

  • Psalms


    Take daily because health issues.

  • cheeseburger


    Every morning

  • GiGi1965



  • Emma37


    I take them every morning with the first glass of water. They've been very helpful for me so there is no way I'll skip taking my meds.

  • born69inpain


    @Jennifer121212 no one is perfect I get my meds out daily as tou not feel overwhelmed trying to keep up. I also have alarms on my phone as well as CVS will put together a list of meds and times to take which med to take when reminders get texted to my phone. There are also companies that package your meds in little pouches for the month that reminds you on taken. Just keep trying your best and I suggest talk to your Dr to see if you could be eligible for the pill packs or any other item that might be helpful to you. I wish you and everyone here all the best

  • darthmomma


    I am afraid not to take it. I read that it could cause strokes and heart issues. Both are terrible in both sides of my family.

  • CatGrrl


    I was really bad at taking my medications until I got Hero!! It notifies me when it's time to take my meds and the real saving grace, it automatically notifies my daughter when I don't take them. When she gets that notification, I can count on her to call me and find out why I'm not taking my meds. Since I don't want to deal with phone call, I take my meds when I'm supposed to.

  • Ellen


    Every morning before I drink my first coffee. I put my meds near the coffee machine, that way I never forget to take them.

  • Littlebit


    All of the time

  • drp


    I take most of them every day, but my trazodone to help me go to sleep i don’t take as often since it makes me so groggy

  • Meme619


    I take anti-rejection drugs so I HAVE to take them exactly on schedule. The problem is I also have gastroparesis that leaves me with nausea and vomiting. When I do miss my meds its because I've thrown them back up.

  • BearMommy22


    I have multiple medications that I take multiple times a day, so I need to have a regular routine. I take medication 6 different times during the day.

  • Neomi


    I take my meds regularly but occasionally especially when I'm on vacation or when Im not at home, I skip taking them.

  • Mars


    I do a good job, unless the side effects outweigh the benefits, in which case I stop.

  • BucolicRose


    With ADHD, taking my depression meds on time sounds like a joke lol. I mean I take it when I need it since I'm unemployed at the moment and in a (mostly) healthy relationship, and out of a toxic environment. I'm trying to take them more consistently, and every time I taken them I always see the difference it makes, I just wish I could remember more often. I am not medicated for ADHD yet as I've moved states, but 🤞🏻. Alarms and reminders just don't work for me. 😥

  • Tired247


    ADHD makes me forget easily

  • neoncrusader


    I dislike the way my medicine makes me feel a lot of the time, so it depends on whether or not I really feel like taking them.

  • JoAnn


    I have adhd and I remember to take my meds because without them I don’t remember anything 😂

  • chronicillness


    I have hard time remembering to take mine 😥

  • fallonsly


    I just take mine when I start to feel symptoms or right before bed. It's been working alright. Doc said to take 3-4 a day so no set schedule

  • Matthew


    I have a question

  • blondiluv


    I take my medications twice a day -every day..

  • ailand


    I barely take all of them, I just take the anxiety meds most days because I typically remember how anxious I get, and then consistently fail to take the rest. At this point they should just inject all the Vitamin D I need to get to normal levels into my bloodstream and see what happens

  • Mynt


    the ones in my pill box - nearly every day. the ones that cant go in my pill box (chewable vitamin c, routine inhaler) rarely :/

  • jb13087


    We forget a lot of times bc we are a system and kiddos dont know how to take actual pills

  • Poggers


    All day everyday no breaks. Type 1 Diabetic here.

  • Dhadhu


    I have an alarm set to take my meds at the same time everyday. If I dismiss the alarm and decide I'll take it a little later I will forget so before I go to bed I will say goodnight to my google assistant on my phone and they will ask did I take my meds so I will take it then. Extremely helpful.

  • RosesForMyDear


    Adhd makes me forget easily but my partner set an alarm on both my phone and his so that I always take my meds at the same time every day (and he will give me a reminder about my vitamin d3 every week by just handing it to me lol)

  • Melmusic


    I’m looking for a doctor that can prescribe the medication I need I just got health insurance.

  • DaniBear


    i have a transplant so i have to. if i do not my body will reject my kidney transplant. the best advice i can give is to get a pill box and have reminders on your phone. or a friend who can hold you accountable.

  • slothsoul


    I ALWAYS take my medications if I have access. It's the having access part that has been this issue, not my desire to take my medications.

  • WRaven


    I was in denial that the medication was working for me for couple months.. I used to not be active on my mendicatiob because of it which just didnt help at all. Nowdays I understand how its truly helping and I try my best to take it as proscribed. So far I have forgotten adveragly about 1 time every 2 weeks.

  • PumpkinBabe


    I have made it part of my nightly routine to take my meds. (Luckily all my meds can be taken at night if I so choose, I've told my doctor I don't remember taking them any other time of the day so we've discussed it and it's fine)

  • Ally79


    My memory problems from my stroke make it hard to remember

  • yumzy199725


    Most of the time like clock work but I sometimes forget and one day can make a difference with out taking your inhalers you don't realise how much you need them until you forget.

  • plant


    I usually take them daily, so when I forget, it feels like the end of the world fr

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