I keep getting made fun of for how I dress, my sexuality, my intelligence and my gender. I'm so sick of it, sometimes I have panic attacks and punch things out of anger when this happens. how can I keep my cool when people say stupid things?


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  • Alpine


    Walk away. Take yourself out of a situation that causes you harm or distress. You don't have to listen to & you shouldn't have to listen to their bs. Music is something good to focus on. Just pop in the earbuds & go to another place. Fidgets are good to use & it's something to channel all the panic & anger. Ranting is good, this platform is great for that. Also if this is happening in a work place or school, report it! Harassment of any kind is not okay. Remember that you are amazing & no one has the right to make you feel any less. How you dress, your sexuality, intelligence, & gender is no one's business and no one should make you feel bad for who you are. You don't need anyone's acceptance other than yourself.

    • Vi.Vi


      wow that really made me tear up. Thank you ๐Ÿ’•(:

  • Max.Elliotte


    As a trans guy in the south, I've had to deal with this literally my whole life. It sucks. If this is at school, I would definitely talk to someone you think can help with the bullying, as well as how it's affecting you. But I get in the moment sometimes it's hard to do that, you're just seeing red. If there's a space you can go like a counselor, or even the bathroom to just take a few minutes to calm down that could help!

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