My anxiety has gotten so bad to the point where I'm starving myself everyday and having difficulties sleeping at night. I also distance myself from everyone and isolate myself in my room because of it as well.. it's even harder to tell people that my anxiety just gets easily triggered. Does anyone know ways to cope with terrible anxiety like this..?

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  • Violetaa


    I myself am in the same boat 😥 and i also dont know any coping mechanism either

  • Anxious_Soul23


    I am the same way and there are lots of things can help, I take a certain supplement called neurocalm and it helps a lot, doesn’t take it away but chills you out a little bit, there’s also drink packets or they coke in gummy forms called calm that kinda mellows you out, there CBD oil, thc but that can also have a negative affect but it would help with you eating too, it does for me. Your diet also, what you put in your body effects you mentally, so if you eat a lot of junk foods and drinks you’re likely to feel way worse, eat fruits and veggies and try to eat a healthy meal. Exercise is also a good way, you can go to gym or just take a walk. Deep breathing exercises help too. I also use lavender oil or a relaxing/calm oil and I use peppermint oil. Weirdly Dramamine helps me too, I also have an anxious stomach and it kinda take my anxiety away a little bit as well as the nausea. :) hope this is helpful!

  • Kimmiepooh


    Reading this post reminded me of my own journal. That is exactly how I feel every single day. Every word you said. I wish I can change all my meds completely and start over again with new ones in the hopes that it may help.



    I get triggered every day and the only thing that helps is when I am all by myself, and no one can do anything to surprise me. I try to get in at least one day of this a week but my husband is not as helpful in this area as I need him to be, and I get nervous of explaining this to him. He reacts to everything I do so it's hard to feel okay around him.

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