Does anybody know any foods or supplements that can help increase my appetite and energy levels? I'm not trying to lose or gain weight. My energy levels end up tanking if I dont eat enough, but when I try to eat more often it makes me feel like gagging. I'm on my feet all day at work, so I'm not very inactive. I think I may need to lower my antidepressants a little bit, but it seems like eating is my main issue because if I do manage to eat I feel a little less sleepy. I just cant feel hungry. this has been an issue before my medication too. I eat maybe like two meals a day because I just cant bring myself to eat more without feeling sick while doing so. even if I want to.

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  • Atatizakti


    I drink protein smoothies in the morning. I use protein powder, soy milk, and frozen fruit. I also eat kind brand protein bars.

  • Danik


    A protein loaded breakfast and a good hearty dinner usually helps me with that alot

  • jorda


    I'd suggest taking a proper multivitamin every morning & a complete protein powder supplement. If you don't take a mv already, then you're lacking many essential nutrients cause we dont get anywhere near enough from the foods we eat. Just 1 scoop of protein powder with your breakfast can give you the power you need to move around the next 4 hours as it does contain carbs as well which is also essential. Protein promotes satiety & makes you full for a few hours though if thats okay. I would just start with those 2 supplements & see how your energy levels feel after a week or so. "Whey protein" is considered one of the best so try looking into that one. I personally make 2 smoothies a day with a plant protein along with lots of fruits & I mix all my vitamins in it as well

  • Greenplant


    I used to struggle with this a lot. My anxiety would make me feel sick just from the thought of eating something but then not eating my anxiety worse and it was a whole viscous cycle. What worked for me was to make smoothies in the morning and try to eat soups for meals. Then make sure to snack throughout the day, you could even set timers. Sliced apples or any fruit worked for me or have a smoothie you can sip on

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