How do you motivate yourself if your brain has no motivation system?

Chronic Generalized pain

Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

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  • beevee


    personally i tell myself that i’ll feel better if i eat more things (i dont eat that much and hardly ever get hungry) i just tell myself that these are the steps one mist take to become healthy :) no matter the food

  • Kei_88


    Tw food restriction (for those dash boards) My motivation (which doesn't always work mind you, learning from our mistakes? I don't know her lol) is the consequences of not eating, sometimes I'll get shaky and nauseous and then its harder to eat even more, and other times I get horrible stomach cramps than ALSO make it harder to eat. And I don't like being nauseous or in pain so trying to avoid those is the plan. Also. At that point, I try to eat a safe food. Like I don't care if its unhealthy, if I cant bring myself to eat anything except cookies and chips, at least I'm eating, you know?

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