I've hit an all time low. The right side of my neck cramped from under the chin around to the back of my neck and down my shoulder. My right arm became tingly and hurt really bad. I jerked to the left, reaction to pain and my backside rob cage in the left started cramping concurrently. 😫
I literally apologized and then continued to apologize to my partner who was visibly annoyed by my pain.
So now I'm apologizing for myself for enduring pain that was extremely debilitating. Great.

I curse waking up anymore.

Fibromyalgia (FM)

Spinal Stenosis


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  • ucandanceifuwantto


    Have you seen a neurologist yet? The tingling is neurological. I have rib pain. Probably unrelated to your problem, but it is Slipping Rib Syndrome that I have. You might check it out just in case. It can cause all the symptoms you describe and more! So fun.

  • ucandanceifuwantto


    Try not to apologize. I know how you feel, though. You're not alone! I sometimes feel SO GUILTY for no reason, because my ailments are not my fault. But my misery affects those around me, so I feel bad that this happens. I don't want to make others unhappy too! So, I get it ❤️

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