I listen to heavy metal music when I brush my teeth because brushing my teeth makes me so angry but I have to do it y’know but it kinda makes it fun lmao 🥲



Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • YM


    Who u listen to?

  • Dino999


    I heavily approve of this post 🤘

  • Kalimera


    Oh gosh, I hear you. Brushing teeth is torture for me too. I need music to get through it or else it won’t happen lol I don’t know if it’s because it’s boring, but I suspect it’s a mix between boredom and sensory issues. Bristles are too abrasive, toothpaste is too spicy, trying to keep all the toothpaste in the mouth 😂 then anxiety once I feel my teeth and realize there’s areas I’ve missed. It’s horrible. Ill regularly stay up until 6-7 am just procrastinating brushing my teeth at “night” only to never do it, or half ass it. 😭😭 it’s lovely

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