Is there anyone out there with fibromyalgia that takes something for it (like Lyrica) and antidepressants at the same time? If so, what has been your experience as far as side effects? I am to the point that I'm willing to try medication to help with my fibro symptoms, but I also take meds for depression and anxiety. I am also very sensitive to meds. It tends to be so trial and error for me.




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  • Tiff86


    I take Lyrica three times a day and I have Zoloft once daily. At first I was sleepy with the two until it regulated in my system. I want to say that took about a week or two.

  • MrsB3922


    A year ago I was taking Cymbalta for fibromyalgia, anxiety, and depression. I HATED the way it made me feel (like a zombie, slow and foggy; made my muscles twitch; gave me vivid dreams; made my eyes look weird). So I weaned off cold turkey with *killer* pains over the next few weeks. I left the true longterm source of my condition (my narcissistic husband of 15 and a half years at the time). The daily pain reduced and I found something natural to take for pain and anxiety: Delta 8 (Sativa). I don't plan on changing that. I hope this helps. Wishing you the best!🌸🌼

  • picklepuddles


    that's awesome! I'm glad that worked for you! I'm sorry about your marriage, but glad you found relief through that ❤️. I've done all the things for years (diet, exercise, therapy, etc.). I still plan on doing those things, and I am open to THC and all, but I need something for the time being until all that is proving to help and THC is an option. I live in a state where it's still mostly illegal and work in a job unfortunately that I could lose if I test positive (I work with teens in a residential facility). Here's hoping and praying! 😊

  • karmagedon


    I do I really handbrake had a lot of side effects from them outside of a buzzed feeling from the Lyrica

  • Red42


    I have fibromyalgia moderate to severe…I tried Gabapentin and Lyrica separate times and both had me in the ER with the most severe intestinal infections ever.🤢😩

    • picklepuddles


      yikes 😩 that's no fun

  • Luna91


    I was on Gabapentin for a few months, I gained weight but the pain and fatigue were the same, so I stopped taking it. I started Duloxetine (Cymbalta) which helps Fibromyalgia and Depression 2 months ago, pain and brain fog are much better, fatigue still there but not as bad. I do have some side effects like sweating profusely, even if it’s not super hot, and losing my appetite. I’m still trying to figure out the right dose, I’m on 40mg right now, planning on going up to 60mg and hoping the side effects go away eventually.

  • Bethieboop86


    Yes. I take lyrica and I take prozac and they help me function.

  • BestieBet


    I take lyrica w/ a SSRI and mood stabilizer Lyrica made a huge difference for me. I take 25mg morning and lunch then 75mg at bedtime. The larger dose made me a little tired but that’s what I need at night!

  • CoffeeAndDogs


    Gabapentin plus Amitriptyline for over 5 years.

  • Diane100


    I take Duloxetine I like it it sure helps me ) Diane

  • k8lynt


    Amatriltylin (sp?,) and a bunch of anti dep. Usually good

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