I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees. I also have an almost complete tear of my left ACL. Dr also said there's nothing that can be done except a replacement down the road. I'm 47. Any suggestions???

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  • Lonewolf22


    I'm in your boat both knees and hip replacement needed

  • Jae231


    Hello Tikka, I have the very something going on with me! I just had surgery on my right knee! I have some bone exposure also my Meniscus was torn with a whole lot of arthritis masking as cartilage in my knee. My doctor also said I have to have knee replacement down the road. I'm also 47.

  • GreyWolf


    Try Coolief (radio frequency ablation). It works on my moderate to severe knee pain for about 8-9 months. It's fabulous!

    • tikka


      What is that?

      • GreyWolf


        Radio frequency ablation deadens nerves so you don't feel pain! The pain relief lasts me about 8-10 months. Google Coolief and check out their website.

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