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hello! im new to alike, ive had knee replacement surgery last October on my left knee, I suffered for five years before my surgery. I had to put all my weight on my right leg .I got gel shots every six months before my surgery .I healed up well .it took so long to be able to stand up straight I had to learn how to walk normally again. my muscles in both my legs ached ive had pain every day its been a struggle to overcome all this.finally when I thought I was out of the woods my right knee began to hurt so badly its caused me to limp the grinding pain is unbearable. saw my ortho surgeon last week.ugh he said my left knee has a huge chunk of cartilage missing .im going to have to get yet another knee replacement surgery this spring.its been a real blow emotionally. here I go again more pain and more surgery. ive had pain for over five years now. and again have to endure yet more pain until my next surgery. ive always been so healthy I got a torn meniscus when I worked as a CNA which lead to knee replacement surgery now my right knee is damaged from me having to use my right leg to support myself. pain like this has changed me im not who I used to be physically and emotionally. im always last, slower than everyone else and now have begun to yet again limp its so very frustrating. im an upbeat person always positive attitude towards myself , my life and to all people. inside I feel alone in this pain its always around me in the shadows it creeps up on me and takes me away from everything I want to do .its just so frustrating to have to handle this daily im not depressed I know I will get better after my next surgery. its just as though ive been robbed of my energy, my dreams, everything I do is limited due to the pain. stairs are a nightmare for me! my heart goes out to all who are going through the same process as myself. my mind wants me to do so many fun activities but my body wont let me! I love my life , my family, I dream about taking walks in the woods again, or just to dance again! I sometimes feel like im trapped in a 199 year old body lol . im here to share with you to help anyone going through this that we are not alone things will get better 🙏

    • dadof2


      I've had a number of knee surgeries on my right knee. I had a partial in it for 7 years. I've been told that I was too young to have a full knee replacement. My left knee had a partial in it as well but it wasn't working. My wife told me to go and get a second opinion. I'm glad I did. I'm going to be 48 next July and I have some problems with my knees but not like I used to. The hospital where I went to have them done, they treated me like I was a person not a patient.

    • WinnieThePooh


      Please stay patient 🙏. I suffered horribly before and after the surgery, but after a few more months I started to get much better. So no, i can’t run for the same distance like before. But I can walk and hike like you wanted to

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