Is it normal to become overwhelmed when you need to do something important. I needed to clean my room for a while and I ended up letting it go and just barely picking up. Now that I need to clean and I have let it go I am extremely overwhelmed. is this normal? if this is normal how do I get things done then?


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  • pupbubbles


    It is perfectly normal to feel over whelmed. I get that a lot with my depression. I found the easiest thing is to start by making piles and then go from there

    • snowball7291


      ok yea I can try that

  • safe


    When im depressed, I don't want to do anything either.

  • Jolynnrocks98


    I feel super overwhelmed when things feel like they are looming, or i have to do them. Perfectly normal :)

  • MiloSunshine


    Yep, I think it's pretty normal. I just break it down into smaller tasks, and blast some beats! Also frequent breaks ๐Ÿ˜‚

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