How do your seizures happen?

Localization-related epilepsy and epileptic syndromes with complex partial seizures

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  • Mmelendez


    Hey … my seizers come on quick but I can usually feel when I am about to have one. They don’t last long. The last one I had was a few months back and it was the worst one I have had. Took me a while to come to.

  • Kayleejade


    Mine usually is random I could be doing something simple as watching TV or taking a shower and bam that's why I have to leave the door open

  • kidsthree


    What happends when u have sezuire. I always have a aura then star its like my brain freezes i hear people talk to me it sounds far away but there right beside me. I cant talk are nothing my face gets real pail and my eyes get real glassy people says. What do u do whwn u go throught it

  • kidsthree



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