Me health anxiety is getting the best of me. it got really bad toward the end of my pregnancy with my daughter and it's even worse now that she's born. I feel like I'm dying but the doctors can't find anything. I've had mris, heart monitor, echos, catscan of heart. I think I'm having a stroke and seizures and heart problems. now there's a bump on my eye and what if it's a tumor 😫. I don't know what to do. I'm so anxious I feel like every time I go to sleep in not going to wake up. I need help :(. I've been to the er so many times. I'm so scared of my anxiety meds because what if my body is having bad reactions to them. I'm so aware of every little symptom in my body and I think I'm dying



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  • carter._.16


    I had the same problem with meds. I always thought that I was going to have a reaction. But sometimes you just have to do it, because it helps more than it harms. Also, maybe look into getting a therapist? I know not everyone like them, but it can be really helpful to talk to someone who knows how to help!

  • Jangadai


    You could ask your doc about Buspirone. It's helped me a lot with anxiety. And at least you go to the doc! I'm scared to go at all for fear they might find something. So I avoid even regular checkups! 😬 But I really think it's safe to say that if they're not finding anything, you can rest assured that you're fine. Also, your anxiety is lying to you. ❤

  • B_renee


    I'm having the same problem 😔 My anxiety is really bad in the mornings and at night... I have the same fears ☹

  • raysoflight25


    I just started taking Buspirone as someone else stated. I was SO SCARED to take it, and I think i’m having phantom symptoms from overthinking it, but I’ve made it two days taking them and I am still alive and okay. I just told myself if it doesn’t work or they make me feel worse, I can easily stop taking them and the pills are so small they’d be out of my system quickly, and also that at this point I’d do anything to feel slightly better like I once was. I wish you well, I know it feels so secluded and lonely but you absolutely aren’t!

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