Just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and will likely be diagnosed with COPD in a couple of weeks. I'm only 32. How are you managing your mental health when your physical health is so overwhelming?

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Type 2 diabetes mellitus with diabetic chronic kidney disease

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  • MaryC


    That is the ultimate question! For me personally I always try to think about what I can do & what is going good at the moment. It doesn't always work though. During the times I'm having difficulty I find someone to talk to about it. I'm no expert, just someone trying to make it through each day. Every day is a different struggle. I'm grateful that I have family to talk to. Sometimes I find writing down my feelings helps.

  • DeeDee123


    I meditate alot to get my mind off of my pain and all my health problems. It's more mind over matter for me.

  • Tobydottir


    I was 17 when diagnosed with Type 2, and I struggled. Giving myself permission to take care of myself was the turning point for me. It changed my perspective.

  • Tress


    I am 46 but I have a lot going too. How I handle my mental health is taking time to research mu conditions. I find the more I know males me feel in control.

  • Lemonade40


    For me.. I feel like I'm happier when I feel good and look good. So I focus on my eating and walking 30-45mins a day. I try not to eat after supper and I see results when I stick to that. I believe my mental has to do with my insecurities. I'm more outgoing if I feel good and eating healthier

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