how do yall know when your sugar rises and drops I suddenly will faint


Chronic Memory Loss

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  • x_Indie_x


    For me most of the time I feel and act different. But not everyone it the same. I'd talk to your doctor, see if you can get a meter or a tracker like that for it.

    • Emilieparker2


      I have a meter its just I'll be at 106 and feel faint but 150 and higher I'm fine

  • Maggiemom


    When mine starts going up fast but is going to crash I feel sweaty and hot dizzy nausea weak and shaky and I'll check and catch it going up and just keep checking and suddenly it just drops fast

  • wowwsika


    feeling extremely dizzy, passing out, slurring words, literally feeling high.

  • Halfbrain96


    I will suddenly feel my mouth in general get very numb and tingling. One episode I had a internal seizure.

  • Maggiemom


    Sometimes I feel nothing my service dog will just alert

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